*It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use Mozilla Firefox to browse Wiki Spaces. You can download Firefox for both Windows and Mac here*

I'm Lost! How did I navigate away from Wiki Spaces?
-we recommend opening in a new window; you can do this in Windows or Mac by going to the Fiile menu and choosing New Window

How can I get back to wiki when I've found my way to another page?

- just go here

How do I download and open a PDF?
- first, you are going to need Acobat (this program works with both Windows and Mac, and is free); you can get it here
- now click on the document link and it should open automatically (it might take a minute to load, depending on your Internet speed)

I clicked on the PDF, and it is asking me if I should save it to disk, or open it. What should I do?
- save the PDF to your desktop, and then navigate to the PDF and open it; conversely, you can just choose to open the PDF

I can't remember my password...what do I do?
-Go here to retrieve password (You will need your user_name)

I can't remember my user_name...what do I do?
-Contact Mr. Scher @ alan.scher@calserves.org