1. Reflect on your role of an AmeriCorps member as part of a larger national service movement and the ways in which you can model and support civic engagement in your students.
  2. Learn about the on-line tools available to you as an AmeriCorps member.
  3. Synthesize the information you have learned over the last two weeks.
  4. Have the opportunity to share and highlight strategies, theories and your most significant "ah ha" moments you experienced throughout the online modules.
  5. Add to your toolbox of teaching ideas.

Reading Assignment:

REVIEW your previous Discussion Posts from Modules 1-5.

Activity Assignments:

EXPLORE the resources for members at the AmeriCorps website paying particular attention to the following:
  • Scroll down the page to register for the AmeriCorps eCommunity, where you will CREATE an account for yourself.

  • On the right-hand side you will find a link for My AmeriCorps, where you will CREATE another account for yourself

  • On the left-hand side of the page, click on the Stories of Service tab. READ at least three stories.

EXPLORE the following new resources at Facing

Connections & Reflections:

Please respond to the following questions. Your total response should be between 1-2 pages (250 and 500 words). When finished, please post your written response under your district's link below.

  1. Write your own "story of service". Project yourself into the future. It is July, 2008, and you have just completed your term of service. What highlight or accomplishment from the past year do you want to share with others?
  2. Reflecting on the material you learned about classroom management, the multicultural classroom, mentoring, civic engagement, and the developmental stages of youth, how would you now describe your ideal classroom? Ideal one-on-one experience?

Hint: Your posting should be spell-checked and consistent with a quality academic paper with regard to grammar, content, and organization.


ADD 3-5 new pieces of information or strategies from the online course to your toolbox page in your district's Wiki (link below).

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Link to Wright District
Link to Bellevue District