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  1. Understand the importance of quality lesson planning and preparation, and their connection to student behavior.
  2. Understand the importance of setting up quality behavior systems and agreements for your classrooms.
  3. Add to your toolbox of teaching ideas.

Reading Assignment:

Yardsticks: Read introduction through pg. 30, and the ages that correspond with your tutees, and after school students.
Tribes: Read Ch.4.

Activity Assignments:

EXPLORE some of the web-based lessons regarding Physical Education here. Observe at least four web-based lessons, located under the Lesson Video tab, including the Lesson Introduction.

READ the following article at Rethinking Schools.

READ two of the following articles from Teachers.Net:

Connections & Reflections:

Please RESPOND to the following questions. Your total response should be between 1-2 pages (250 and 500 words). When finished, please post your written response under your district's link at the bottom of the page.

  1. Choose one of the online video lessons that you observed, as subject for analysis. What types of planning went into that lesson?
  2. What behavior systems had to go into effect prior to lesson execution in order that they be successful?
  3. What conclusions can be drawn between a well planned, constructed, and/or tone set lesson, and classroom behavior?
  4. How do you feel the Tribes process ties into the ideas discussed in the above three prompts?

Hint: Your posting should be spell-checked, double-spaced and consistent with a quality academic paper with regard to grammar, content, and organization.


ADD 3-5 new pieces of information or strategies from the online course to your toolbox page in your district's Wiki (link below).

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