1. Learn about and explore behavior management techniques and positive discipline for the youth in our programs.
  2. Add to your toolbox of teaching ideas.

Reading Assignment:

Tribes: Read Ch. 5
Excerpt from Current Issues and Trends in Education

Activity Assignments:

WATCH "When the Chips are Down" on the DVD provided in your online training materials.

REVIEW the following notes:

EXPLORE the following website -, paying particular attention to his Biography, Philosophy and at least 3 of the following articles:
  • 20 Tips to Promote Positive Self-esteem
  • Self-esteem: The Cause and Effect of Success of the Child with Learning Differences
  • Batteries NOT Included “I Can’t” vs. “He Won’t”
  • The Teacher’s Role in Developing Social Skills
  • Do’s & Don’ts for Fostering Social Competence
  • What are the “Early Warning Signs” of Learning Disabilities?

EXPLORE some of the web-based lessons regarding Classroom Management here. Observe at least four web-based lessons, located under the Lesson Video tab, including the Lesson Introduction.

Connections & Reflections:

Please RESPOND to the following questions. Your total response should be between 1-2 pages (250 and 500 words). When finished, please post your written response under your district's link below.

  1. Based on your classroom observations, today's web-based research, and your reading, what are some concrete ideas you identified with and would like to incorporate this year with your students? What adaptations, if any, will you need to make in order to use these with your students? Identify several ideas, and the sources from which they came.
  2. How do you feel the Tribes process ties into the ideas from Lavoie and Meechan? Identify 2 strategies from the Tribes book that you would like to incorporate into the first week with your students.

Hint: Your posting should be spell-checked and consistent with a quality academic paper with regard to grammar, content, and organization.


ADD 3-5 new pieces of information or strategies from the online course to your toolbox page in your district's Wiki (link below).

Peer Sharing:

Please READ and RESPOND to at least two of your peers postings.

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