1. Develop a working definition of Multicultural Education
  2. Connect Multicultural Education ideology to Tribes, Classroom observations, Yardsticks and Personal Experiences.
  3. Add to your Tool Box of teaching ideas

Reading Assignment:

Tribes: Read Ch. 8 & 9.

Activity Assignments:

READ the following Definition of Multicultural Education

READ the following seven key characteristics of a multicultural education curriculum:

READ the following 20 (Self-)Critical Things I Will Do to Be a Better Multicultural Educator:

TAKE the Multicultural Awareness quiz "Are You Being Fooled?"

VIEW "Freedom Writers" on the DVD provided in your online training materials.

EXPLORE the Freedom Writers Website

Connections & Reflections:

Please RESPOND to the following questions. Your total response should be between 1-2 pages (250 and 500 words). When finished, please post your written response under your district's link below.

  1. What components of Tribes, and Yardsticks, are consistent with the tenets of Multicultural Education?
  2. What teaching strategies currently being practiced by the teacher you are observing are consistent with the tenets of Multicultural Education?
  3. In reading the 20 Critical Things I Will Do to Be a Better Multicultural Educator , please identify two things that will be natural for you to do, explain why. Identify two things that will challenge you, explain why.

Hint: Your posting should be spell-checked and consistent with a quality academic paper with regard to grammar, content, and organization.


ADD 3-5 new pieces of information or strategies from the online course to your toolbox page in your district's Wiki (link below).

Peer Sharing:

Please READ and RESPOND to at least two of your peers postings.

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