1. Connect Multicultural Education ideology to Tribes, Classroom observations, Yardsticks and Personal Experiences.
  2. Add to your Tool Box of teaching ideas

Reading Assignment:

Tribes: Read Ch. 10

Activity Assignments:

EXPLORE the following website links from The Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence, paying particular attention to the informational tabs on the left-hand side presenting resources regarding:
  • Five Standards
  • Tools (Teaching Tools)

READ at least three of the following lesson plans at National Association of Multicultural Education

READ the article At Risk of Greatness

VIEW the story Little Things Are Big

VIEW a clip from the documentary Not in Our Town

VIEW "Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary" on the DVD provided in your online training materials.
An award winning documentary on the conflicts and tensions created by the current anti-immigrant, anti-bilingual climate and the impact on teachers and children.

Connections & Reflections:

Please respond to the following questions, drawing connections between the video, readings, classroom observations, and personal experiences as a learner. Your total response should be between 1-2 pages (250-500 words). When finished, please post your written response under your district's link below.

  1. Describe a lesson you have observed in the classroom in detail. In your description, identify which of the five multicultural standards were met, and what components of Tribes were present. What goals regarding these issues do you hope to address in your own classroom?
  2. What are you feelings & insights about the videos viewed? Thinking back to the "Gang Awareness" training on 8/22, How does this connect to the students and community you are serving this year?

Hint: Your posting should be spell-checked and consistent with a quality academic paper with regard to grammar, content, and organization.


ADD 3-5 new pieces of information or strategies from the online course to your toolbox page in your district's Wiki (link below).

Peer Sharing:

Please READ and RESPOND to at least two of your peers postings.

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