We hope this list of online resources will be useful as you design and implement Information Literacy lessons with your students. Please send feedback, ideas & resources you find to annette.zucconi@calserves.org. Thanks!

General Information and Links

Lessons available on the Big6 website
Oregon School Library Information System
Penn State University LIbraries tutorial
Media Literacy Questions for Students.

Resources for Every Step of the Way

Task Definition

How to Mind Map
Advantages of Mind Maps

Information Seeking Strategies

Booleen Searching on the Internet: A Primer for Teachers
Booleen Model for Students, a simplified interactive model
Keyword Challenge, an interactive Key Word tutorial

Location & Access

Critical Evaluation Surveys for Elementary Students

Student Worksheets:
Using Parts of a Book for Information
Using the Table of Contents
Using an Index for Information

Online Educational Games exploring Media Awareness on the internet:

Play Privacy Playground: the First Adventure of the Three CyberPigs (Ages 8-10)
Players will learn about online marketing, and how to protect their privacy while surfing the net.
A Teacher's Guide is available, offering game instructions, additional information about online marketing, and activities/handouts which can be used with students.

Play CyberSense and Nonsense: The second adventure of the three CyberPigs (Ages 9-12)
This is the second adventure for the CyberPigs, in which they explore chat rooms and develop critical awareness of online content with regards to fact, fiction, bias and stereotyping.

Go Web Surfing with Josie & Joseph Cool on the Cybertour. (Grades 6-8)
Enjoy this interactive online game where players experience several fictional websites and are tested on thier surfing savvy? At it's conclusion, the game offers a quiz for players. Enjoy!
Fun Rap Song for kids about the Dewey Decimal System.

Use of Information

Note taking, Big6 Lesson
Citing Sources use the Citation Maker
Check out http://www.copyrightkids.org/


Synthesizing, Big6 Lesson


Creating a Rubric Tutorial
Information Skills Rating Scale
A 6+ Writing Traits Rubric