Passion, Potential & Power! Welcome to Online Learning!

Hello, CalSERVES mentors, 2007-2008! We are so pleased to offer you this exciting endeavor: Our first Online Training. It is our hope to inspire, educate, and inform your year of service through this interactive learning opportunity. Each module will present a new set of content with which you will engage online, much like an online workshop, or class. As with any class, we will present a clear set of assignments and expectations. At any time, please feel free to contact your Supervising Teacher with questions or concerns. Overall, be sure to have fun and show your stuff!

Online Course Description: This online series contains 6 modules, and will provide the opportunity for you to engage in self-guided professional and personal development on the following topics: Positive Discipline, Multicultural Education, and Civic Engagement. It includes opportunities for making connections and reflecting on learning, and development of a “toolbox” of teaching-mentoring-civic engagement strategies.

Module Components: Each module contains the following 5 components. A definition of each component is provided.

  1. Objectives: The goals for desired learning.
  2. Reading Assignment: Each module includes a reading assignment from either Tribes or Yardsticks. Available at your site.
  3. Activity Assignments: Each module indcludes a list of web-based, DVD viewing or .pdf document activities. Each one has been selected to support the development of effective strategies for your service year. Please take advantage of all the activities.
  4. Connections & Reflections: In each module, you will be asked to write a 1-2 page (250-500 words) reflection connecting your classroom observations, reading assignments and activity assignments. You are encouraged to use specific examples/descriptions and draw on personal experience in your reflections. Please protect the confidentiality of the students, teachers and fellow mentors when posting your reflections. Additionally, your posting should be spell-checked, double-spaced and consistent with a quality academic paper with regard to grammar, content and organization to recieve credit.
  5. Toolbox: Each module you will have the opportunity to build a toolbox of ideas. On your district page, you will have a link to your very own toolbox, where you are encouraged to document all of the insights, ideas and “do not forget” strategies for the upcoming service year. Each module includes an assignment to add 3-5 new tools to your box that come from your observation in classrooms and online module coursework. You are also encouraged to view the toolboxes of your peers in order to add even more new ideas to your box!

Let your Supervising Teacher know when you have completed a module. Satisfactory completion of modules will result in 4 hours service/training credit.

Remember help can always be found at the PPP FAQ.

We wish you many great learning moments.

Passion, Power, Potential!